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16 May 2018 R DP ggplot

Height Data for Women in the Digital Panopticon

The Digital Panopticon has brought together massive amounts of data about British prisoners and convicts in the long 19th century, including heights for many thousands of individuals. Adult height is strongly influenced by environmental factors in childhood, one of the most important being nutrition....

30 April 2018 R MEAD ggplot

MEAD Pauper Apprentices Philadelphia 1751-99

This post takes a look at an open dataset available through the University of Pennsylvania’s open access repository. The dataset, Indentures and Apprentices made by Philadelphia Overseers of the Poor, 1751-1799 (created by Billy G. Smith), is one of an interesting collection of datasets on 18th- and...

17 April 2018 R OBO ggplot

Old Bailey Proceedings Part 1: Offences

If you know me, the topic of this first post may come as unsurprising but also a bit eyebrow-raising. “Sharon, you’ve been working on the Old Bailey Online project (OBO) since forever. Aren’t you bored with it yet?”

13 April 2018 digital history data science open data

Introducing In Her Mind's Eye

Over the last decade or so, I've been heavily involved in projects which have created large amounts of historical data; I've made quite a bit of the stuff myself. I've increasingly been thinking about better ways I can analyse, visualise and tell stories with all this data. R and Python, for example,...

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By trade, I'm a historian of early modern Britain and a digital historian, and since 2006 I've managed several large digital history projects. I'm an enthusiast for open history data; I play with databases and write terrible code.

This website is a playground and a repository, where I want to bring together digital history and data science while working on writing better code (mostly in R and Python). All code and data will be shared here and on Github.


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